Welcome to Millennial Mutiny, a blog for Millennials who want to stop living paycheck to paycheck, give up soul destroying corporate jobs, find Financial Freedom AND have a great life in the process.

My name is Matt Smith and I started on my journey to Financial Freedom back in 2014. In 4 short years, I re-paid £25,000 in debt, saved over £235,000 and built a business to provide my Financial Freedom, which is now worth over £1.5m!

To explain why I started this journey, I need to take you back to my wedding day in September 2013.

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The Worst & Best Day Of My Life

The sun was shining, we had the best day of our lives and then 3 days later headed off on Honeymoon. During that trip, a simple piece of bread nearly killed me and I spent 3 weeks in a hospital bed fighting for my life. (For the full story – click here)


As I reflected on that experience, I made a couple of big decisions in my life.

First, I decided I only wanted to do work that was meaningful and fulfilling for me.

Before I had even properly recovered, I quit my corporate job and started a Financial Planning Business in London, which is now worth upwards of £1.5 million.

Second, I vowed that I wanted to achieve Financial Freedom as soon as possible.

I immediately started reducing my debt, increasing my savings rate and investing for the future.

And third, I promised myself that I would have a great life. I wanted to see and experience as much as possible in the precious little time we have available on this earth.

I didn’t want to have to sacrifice my lifestyle or live in a yurt in Timbuktu to achieve my Financial Freedom!

Failures & Frustrations

Now this journey has not been plain sailing, I have made plenty of mistakes along the way.

When I was 16, my dad let me borrow his credit card (what was he thinking?) to buy a new laptop and it took me well over 3 years and 200% interest to pay it back.

Back then, I didn’t have the financial education that I have now. I hadn’t started my career in Financial Planning or become a Chartered or Certified Financial Planner.

The decision to take on that debt was one of the worst financial mistakes of my life and it made me realise just how easily things can go wrong.

If I had been a computer programmer or an engineer I wouldn’t have learnt the money lessons I have and would probably still be in debt now.

Finding Financial Freedom

Millennials have to deal with higher property prices and lower wages than previous generations, not to mention the massive student debt!

If the media is to be believed, we are all totally screwed and destined to live a life of destitution, working our socks off to pay sky high rents and then die at our desks because we can never afford to retire.

We can’t change things outside of us. We can’t change property prices or the economy, but we can take control.

I have been fortunate to find Financial Freedom at such a young age and I want to help as many millennials as possible get there too.

I have also made a ton of mistakes along the way which I want to help you avoid.

I didn't have a road map when I started to think about Financial Freedom. I didn't have a clue what I was doing.

By drawing on my experience and that of others in the FIRE community (Financial Independence, Retire Early), I think you can achieve your financial goals far faster than I ever did!

I’m not that special. I don’t have a secret formula or a magic money tree. My Financial Freedom has been built on simple foundations; starting a business, reducing unnecessary expenses (while increasing lifestyle expenditure), investing well and creating healthy money habits.

I want to help you do the same.


Our final picture before I nearly died!

Me in the hospital a few days later - How quickly things change!


On this blog you can expect tried and tested Financial Freedom guidance, tools, tips and tricks all designed to help you reach Financial Freedom much faster than I did.

If you want to begin your journey to Financial Freedom, start now! Join the Mutiny, stick two fingers up at the status quo and take matters into your own hands.

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Thank you for stopping by. I’m so grateful you have taken the time to read what I have to say. 

I’d love to hear your stories and you can speak to me directly: [email protected]

P.S. although I am based in the UK, most of what I write is relevant in the USA, Canada, Australia and everywhere else for that matter!


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