The world is broken…

The financial world is broken for Millennials!

If you listen to the news, you will know by now that we have no chance of buying a house, no chance of saving for our future and that we certainly won’t be retiring as “early” (who said 65 was early?) as previous generations.

If the news is to be believed, millennials are to be consigned to a lifetime of ‘making ends meet’ and ‘just about managing’.

Something has to change. We propose a Mutiny!

Join The Millennial Mutiny


A conspiracy among a group of people to openly oppose, change, or overthrow the status quo.

So what’s the big idea?

Millennial Mutiny is all about millennials taking control of their own financial future. 

It’s about breaking free from debt, making more than ‘just about enough’.

It’s about buying a house (but only if you want to) and paying the mortgage off sooner than you thought possible. 

It’s about creating passive income, so you can save and invest for your future and have a great life.

It’s about leaving the corporate world and jobs you hate, sooner than you had imagined.

It’s about doing only the work you love which gives you purpose and meaning.

It’s about more than just financial independence, it’s about true financial freedom.


What is it not about?

Millennial Mutiny is definitely not about living in a yurt somewhere and eating grool for dinner every night so you can afford to save for a house deposit.

It is not about giving up the lifestyle you love so you can afford to save for the future (we don’t think it should be an either / or choice).

It’s not about living in a caravan in the middle of a field somewhere so that you can say that you are financially free, when in fact you have just created a different kind of entrapment.

No, this is all about letting you live a life of true Financial Freedom.

And what exactly do we mean by financial freedom? To mutineers, financial freedom is more than having enough money to carry on living the life you have now, it’s about having enough money to live the life you really want to live. It’s about having enough money to travel wherever you want to, to work only because you love it, not because you have to, to do what you want, when you want to, with the people you want to do it with.

Sound good? Then join us on our journey!

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Even A Mutiny Needs Rules - These Are Ours:

We Take Action

A mutiny takes place when someone is so unhappy with the status quo that they decide to do something about it. If everyone just moaned all day about how hard their lot was, without actually doing anything about it, then nothing would ever change.

A mutiny requires one person, or a group of people to say ‘enough is enough’ and take action. They have to jump in with both feet and put it all on the line to generate the change they need.

Experience suggests that the people who take the greatest action, sometimes with seemingly great risks (that turn out to simply be internal limiting beliefs), achieve the greatest results.

When mutineers decide enough is enough, we take action and change things. Period!

Our Fate, Our Responsibility

In order to find true Financial Freedom, we have to take responsibility for our own situation. No more blaming other people, governments or any number of other things for your financial worries. In most cases, the only person who is to blame for your current situation is you. Ouch!

Blaming house prices, your lack of income, the jobs market or the government will not get you anywhere, ever.

The good news is that the only person who can change things for you is you. If you start taking responsibility for your own situation, you take control of your life and can make lasting change.

Never Stop Learning

Mutineers are always looking for new ways to achieve their dreams. We believe that there is always room to learn more. We also invest in ourselves. Note that I use the word invest and not spend.

When you invest money in training and courses to improve your financial knowledge, that investment will likely pay itself back many times over.

Stop thinking of learning as a cost and start thinking of it as an investment. Before investing, invest in knowledge.

Belief Is Half The Battle

If you want to drive change on this scale, you have to believe it. That’s a big ask. The media have been telling millennials for years that we will never have a house, that we will never be able to retire and that we have to resign to our fate of struggling by for the rest of time.

The good news is that there is a growing, underground movement that is proving the world wrong. There are millennials out there who have achieved total financial freedom by the age of 30. And the best part is … they love to share.

I will share my own story and those of our readers to help build your belief and confidence on this journey. Because once you believe it is possible, you are halfway there!

Consider A Lot, Follow A Few

Usually a munities success is against the odds. It is the few rising up against the many, it is the minority brining a challenge to those in power, to the status quo.

But just because the odds are stacked against us, this doesn’t mean we can’t succeed, that we must give up. What this means is that we need to consider more possible plans of attack, more options and more escape routes than anyone else so that we give ourselves the best chance of success. We need to be smarter.

The financial world is full of almost limitless options. Many of them are just fluff, some are merely good, others are the ‘next big thing’ (but we all know how that turns out). We are looking only for the exceptional advice and opportunities, the things that stand the test of time, that won’t fail us the next time the stock market tanks or the rules change.

If we consider many strategies and pick only the best ones (for us), then we stand a much greater chance of success.

The Battle Isn't Over Till You Stop Breathing

It’s never over till it’s over. Some people think that it's too late to get started on their journey to Financial Freedom. Others think that because they have failed at something once, they should never try again.

Some of the best battles are won at the last minute. When it seems that all is lost.

It is never too late to start something, it is never too late to stop something. As long as you have the desire and drive to succeed on this journey, I believe you will make it. 

There will be challenges along the way, there will be failures and frustrations, there will be times when you are on your knees and you think it’s all over. But if you continue to fight for what you want and what you believe, you will get there.


We Play Both Sides

Most financial guides focus on one area. “Reduce your spending”, “get out of debt” or “make money investing”. We play both sides and get exponential results.

Imagine this -  instead of reducing your expenses by $100 OR increasing your income by $100, why not do both! That way we double the speed of progress.

At Millennial Mutiny, you can find help to eliminate your debt (the bad debt anyway), reduce your expenses, increase your income and improve your investments. If you combine all of these things, your journey to Financial Freedom could well be faster than you think!

Do you want to get your journey to Financial Freedom underway?

Start now.

Like, right now!

Find a small action you can take today to get your journey to financial freedom underway.

I wish you all the best on your voyage – here’s to freedom, here’s to our mutiny.

PS – Keep me up to date with your journey – I love to hear how other mutineers are getting along.

PPS - Why should you listen to or care about what I have to say? – read my origin story to find out.

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