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make money Mar 21, 2021

Back in May 2018, I put 'pen to paper' (or 'fingers to keyboard' more accurately) on a new book.

The big idea was to create a system that any Millennial (or anyone really) could use to achieve True Financial Freedom.

It was a big ambition, but one that I deeply believe in. You see, I don't think that Financial Freedom is only available to people who are 'special' or who are born into money. 

I think that anyone can achieve their own version of freedom and the steps required to get there are actually quite simple (please note, I said 'simple' and not 'easy').

Like most areas of life, the people who seem to have the most financial success all follow a fairly similar system. There are variations on the theme, but the core habits, actions and thought processes are the same. 


The 6 Step Process

In the book, I have created a 6-step process that anyone can follow so that they too can achieve True Financial Freedom. The steps are all simple. They require hard work, effort and dedication, but they are all very simple. If you follow the steps, you will see yourself moving closer to Financial Freedom. Day-by-day, week-by-week, year-by-year.

The book will be published in the Summer and as we build up to the launch, I will be giving you a preview of each of the steps on the blog - so you can see what's coming.


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